Wood Tiles -

For unique INTERIOR design options

Tiles are one of the most popular and widely used finishing materials. They are functional, practical and with a wide range of design options, which we have proven by creating innovative product for interiors - Ornamental wood tiles with unique design options.

Wood is a valuable natural resource from which we have created a high-class ecological product. It is an innovative solution that combines high-value wood with its unique texture and design solutions, which will allow every interior to offer exclusivity and a sense of modern artwork.



Our company offer variety of material:

Birch, Ash, Oak


Available sizes:

285 x 285 mm


Material thickness:

18 mm



Wooden tiles are made from natural solid wood and may have some  branches. Wood tiles are covered with a natural oil coating wood to give a color tone.



Price starting at 34,99 Euro for square meter.

Price is variable and dependent from different factors like wood specie and used coating. Please contact our managers to specify the price!


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